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If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please take the time to review the VBF contract which contains very important terms and conditions of our sales.

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DO NOT place a deposit until you are absolutely sure this is the dog you want to purchase.  Pictures and videos are always available upon request.  All Buyers are absolutely welcome to see dogs over 8 weeks old in person (in Kissimmee, FL) prior to placing the deposit.  All Buyers are also welcome to Facetime/video chat to see the dog.  To see the dog in person or via video chat, simply let the Seller know so a time may be setup.


We want to make sure you are satisfied with the dog before placing a deposit, and never intend to deceive our buyers; therefore, we make every attempt to show you the dog and provide information about the dog prior to placing a deposit.  Although our photos and videos will not be misrepresented in any way, if you solely rely on the photos and videos to see how the dog looks, please understand seeing the dog in-person may be different.  Please make sure you have received all viewpoints of the dog that you would like to see prior to placing a deposit.  


The security deposit is non-refundable. 

If you are unable to pay the balance due at the time the puppy is ready to go to it's new home, you will forfeit and any money put toward the purchase of the pup in order to make up for potential lost sales when holding the pup for you. 

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