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Contract of Puppy Sale


The following agreement is made this XXth day of XXXX 2020 and is between Lenny Vargas (Breeder/Seller), and XXX hereafter referred to as the “Buyer.”  Buyer is entitled to the following AKC registered French Bulldog:


Sex:      ___   Male         ___ Female


DOB:   TBD    


Color: TBD        Markings:    TBD




Sire: TBD        Dam:  TBD     



The Seller will deliver to the Buyer the above-mentioned dog and AKC registration certificate, with full breeding rights, upon the fulfillment of the following:


  • Purchase price of $XX, XXX in total

  • The payment of security deposit was made in the amount of $X,XXX. 

    • This deposit was made on the XXth day of XXXX 2020 via (insert method of payment)

    • See invoice sent for confirmation of details.


I.               COMMUNICATION


If at any time you have an issue or concern, please never hesitate to contact us.  We take a very personal approach to assisting each buyer in choosing the perfect puppy to meet their needs.


II.              PAYMENT


Acceptable payments: Cash, Walmart 2 Walmart Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp, Wire Transfer, Zelle, PayPal.  We have a strict NO PayPal/Credit Charge Back Refund Policy, and any Buyer who attempts to dispute a transaction will lose all money placed on their puppy and any rights to purchase a puppy from us now and in the future.


All transactions must have cleared before you are able to pick up your dog/dog is delivered.  No exceptions.


DO NOT place a deposit until you are absolutely sure this is the dog you want to purchase.  Pictures and videos are always available upon request.  All Buyers are welcome to see dogs over eight weeks old in person (in Kissimmee, FL) prior to placing the deposit.  All Buyers are also welcome to Facetime/video chat to see the dog.  To see the dog in person or via video chat, simply let Seller know so a time may be set up.


We want to make sure you are satisfied with the dog before placing a deposit and never intend to deceive our buyers; therefore, we make every attempt to show you the dog and provide information about the dog prior to placing a deposit.  Although our photos and videos will not be misrepresented in any way, if you solely rely on the photos and videos to see how the dog looks, please understand seeing the dog in-person may be different.  Please make sure you have received all viewpoints of the dog that you would like to see before placing a deposit.  


The security deposit is non-refundable.  Only in the event that there is a health issue when the dog is brought in for the health certificate, Buyer will offer Seller the opportunity to void the sale and have their full security deposit returned.


If Seller feels this is not the right family for the dog, the deposit will be returned, and the contract will be canceled.  Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone.


III.            SHIPPING

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.  Shipping costs may include but are not limited to, airfare, health certification, and shipping crates.  No discount will be given for Buyer to pay for shipping costs.  It is Buyer’s responsibility to make shipping arrangements and make Seller aware of the method of shipping prior to health certification (flight/nanny, ground, in-person pickup). 

Flight drop-offs are at the nearest airport: MCO Orlando International Airport

Flight Certificates are only valid for 10 days, intercontinental (within mainland U.S.) Health Certificates are valid for 30 days, and international Health Certificates vary on the receiving country.  Buyer must allow time for Seller to be able to schedule the vet visit prior to the shipping/delivery date. 

After the health certificate is issued, if not yet arranged, Buyer must make arrangements to receive the dog within 10 days.

International buyers:  Prior to purchase, please be aware of the regulations regarding importing pets like vaccination, microchip, and quarantine requirements for your county.

Once the dog has transferred into the possession of the party transporting the dog, anything that happens to the dog while in transport, or subsequently but due to an occurrence during transport, is NOT Breeder's responsibility. 


Seller certifies that when possession of the dog was transferred to the transporter or Buyer, it was healthy (as verified by health certificate), and has been immunized and wormed.  Proof of health certificate will be provided to Buyer.

To preserve the right to the health guarantee, Buyer agrees to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at Buyer’s expense within 72 hours from the date the dog is received.  Illnesses must be documented in writing by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of Buyer receiving the pup.  Seller must be immediately informed of the examination that indicates that at the time of sale, such animal was unfit for purchase due to life-threatening illness or disease with proper documentation by a licensed veterinarian.  You must notify Seller of the name, address, and telephone number of the examining veterinarian, in addition to providing all documentation from the attending veterinarian.  Failure to notify Seller of the pup’s diagnosis immediately will result in the forfeiture of rights to the puppy health guarantee.  

Seller reserves the right to a second opinion/to have the dog re-examined by a veterinarian/to have veterinarian documentation reviewed by a veterinarian of our choice at our cost.  ​

If the puppy was in fact unfit for purchase, Buyer may return the puppy for an exchange of equal value, and the failure to do so within 72 hours will result in the cancellation of a replacement puppy.  In the event of a life-threatening condition, the affected puppy must be returned with all veterinary documentation at Buyer’s expense.

If the puppy is found to have a life-threatening/hereditary condition that required the dog to be euthanized within the first 72 hours, documentation by Buyer’s veterinarian must be provided to Seller and must show a serious untreatable medical issue to warrant the dog to be euthanized.

Buyer understands that a replacement puppy will only be given if it’s discovered to be a life-threatening non-breed-related problem, not due to accident or illness.  Seller will offer a replacement puppy of comparable value and no money will be refunded. 

Failure to have the puppy examined at all by a veterinarian within 72 hours of the receiving the puppy or if Buyer fails to provide required proof of medical treatment, will result in the voiding of this health guarantee.

If the condition can be treated, it is NOT considered life-threatening.  Dehydration, Diarrhea, Hypoglycemia, Coccidia, Kennel Cough, Internal and External Parasites, Giardia, Fungal Infections, or any condition that can be corrected by veterinarian treatment and any other preventable conditions are not covered.  Coccidia and Kennel Cough, which is self-limiting and must run its course with antibiotic treatment and is not life-threatening. 

As Buyer, you must understand that any breed has issues they are more prone to; in this case, you are purchasing a French Bulldog, which is a Brachycephalic breed (aka Flat-Faced breed), and they are known to have certain issues that are common for them.   You are most likely interested in VBF pups because they often are bulkier, smaller, shorter, and have flatter faces than other French Bulldogs.  However, with this look may come a higher chance of breed-related conditions that affect them.  Additionally, when buying a pup advertised as being "2x or 3x" a certain lineage, know that with line breeding though good traits can be more prevalent (like a flatter face), bad traits can also be amplified (like heavier breathing).  Please do your breed research before purchasing one of our pups.  Consider finding a nearby veterinarian that specializes in French Bulldogs, or at least is very experienced in working with them.

Our health guarantee does not cover any condition that is minor, correctable, or breed-related, including, but not limited to: stenotic nares, respiratory stertor, dyspnea, or other respiratory/brachycephalic issues; tracheal or laryngeal narrowing or collapse, heat stress, elongated palate, wry jaw; ear infections; skin fold dermatitis; prolapsed urethra; hernias; hip dysplasia; cherry eye; entropion; conjunctivitis; strabismus; eye ulcers; breed-related spinal disorders; patellar luxation; hip dysplasia; puppy murmur aka innocent murmur (heart murmur common in puppies that they outgrow around 6 months of age; grade I, II, or III), or deafness (in merles).

Our dogs are not DNA health tested.  Do not ask to have them DNA health tested.  Any result from a DNA health test is not covered under our health guarantee.  Additionally, color, size, conformation, temperament, or any faults that may occur as the dog matures, are not covered under this health guarantee.  

While we always love to know what is going on with our pups, if after the 72 hour grace period, the pup is found to have defects, Buyer assumes responsibility for all vet bills.  Seller will not reimburse, provide credits or compensation, or be held responsible for defects realized after the grace period.  Do, however, feel free to ask Seller for advice or insight into what is going on if issues arise with the pup.  

Health guarantee is non-transferable.


We do not guarantee fur color, eye color, adult size, conformation, reproductive ability, testicles descending, retained teeth, personality, ear standing, potty training ability, proper bite, coat quality, length, weight, hernias of any kind, physical flaws or the temperament of the puppy. This guarantee does not cover common conditions and is limited only to defects largely considered non-breed-related and life-threatening.  


Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred once the puppy is delivered, Buyer assumes all responsibility for the puppy.  Buyer understands that adult sizes are an estimate only, based on Seller’s experience.  Buyer acknowledges that there is no guarantee on final adult weights, actual size, color, or eye color.  This guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs associated with spaying or neutering, including undescended testes.  We do not warrant against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence, or abuse.


Your puppy has not been fully vaccinated, and the recommended vaccination protocol schedule as age-appropriate must be continued.  Buyer must have all immunizations done by a licensed veterinarian and provide proof of treatment to Seller upon request.


Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming, and responsible care.  This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with vaccines, proper nutrition, which consists of a good quality dog food, fresh water at all times, and teeth cleanings as needed to ensure longevity of life.  Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the dog and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.

Buyer agrees to give the dog proper physical and emotional care and welfare.  If the dog is found to be allowed to run freely, running at large, creating a public nuisance, or found to be neglected/abused/allowed to live in poor health/conditions, Seller has all the rights to repossession of this dog with no refund to Buyer.  The death, injury, or loss of said dog due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, negligence, or accident will not entitle Buyer to any compensation from Seller.

Seller is not responsible or liable for payment of ANY medical, dental, or surgical procedures to maintain the animal’s health or well-being after the time of purchase.

No warranty is given to Buyer for any special purpose or function of this dog.  This dog is not to be used for any illegal or immoral activities, and it’s not to be used for any type of puppy mill, dog farm, or mass producing moneymaking operation.


If, at any time Buyer can no longer retain possession of the dog, Seller must be notified and granted full ownership of the dog back to VBF Kennel, who will find a suitable home for the dog.  The dog must be returned with all medical records.  Under no circumstances will Buyer rehome the dog, which includes surrendering the dog to the pound or any rescue center.  This provision is to ensure that our VBF Frenchies will not end up homeless or destroyed, and a proper suitable home is found.  Rehoming of our puppy without written consent from VBF Kennel will be considered breach of contract and Buyer will be sued for damages for the actual value of the puppy at the time of original sale (purchase price) and any fees incurred to regain possession on the dog.

 Buyer agrees not to sell this dog to any retail company or establishment.


In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, Breeder will be paid reasonable attorney fees, court costs and all travel expenses, which resulted for the litigation via the responsibility of Buyer.  This Contract will be deemed a legally binding Contract, and is under the jurisdiction of the state of Florida, in the county of Polk.  Buyer agrees that in the event of any legal action Buyer must turn over the puppy to Seller until all court proceedings are finalized.  It is further agreed that, if for any reason, filing for court, the place of venue shall be Polk County, Florida.

X.             BILL OF SALE

Buyer of a puppy from VBF Kennel hereby acknowledges that Buyer has received a copy of this document, acknowledges, and agrees to the terms and accepts full responsibility for the health and well-being of the purchased puppy.  This is considered the complete “Bill of Sale”.   I understand that both parties are not relying on any verbal statements made and that this contract is binding. 


All parties have read and understood and agreed to this contract in full by signing below or providing an affirmative response email.  This contract is void if the above terms are not met.

Contract updated on July 9, 2021.

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