VBF Pup Waiting list

Due to popular demand, we have decided to create a Vargas Bully Family waiting list for new pups. 

The purpose of this list is to allow serious buyers the first opportunity to purchase a pup when they are available.  To be a part of this list, you will need to fill out and submit the form below and pay a $1,000 non-refundable waiting list fee.  We currently accept payment from Cashapp, Applepay, Venmo and Zelle.  If possible, make a note on the payment that it is for a spot on the waiting list. You will receive a receipt the evening of the purchase.

Once you have signed up and your payment has been received, your name will be added to the list.  Please allow up to 24 hours before the list is updated.  For transparency purposes, the list will be posted on this page, so at any time you can see what spot you are currently in. If you do not see your name after 24 hours and you have paid the fee, please contact vbfkennel@gmail.com.  

When puppies are available, we will begin with the first name on the list.  You will be contacted through your preferred method of contact.  From that point, you will have 24 hours to let us know if you want one of the available puppies or not; and if so, which one. 

Please be aware, being contacted first does not guarantee you get first pick, or being called third gets you third pick.  When you are contacted, you will get the choice of what is available with their correlating prices. 


Example:  There are six pups born (3 males, 3 females).  The breeder(s) make their picks of two pups (first pick female and second pick female).  Then, you are the first person on the list to be contacted.  What is left is then offered to you (third pick female and three males).  In this example let's say pricing started at $5,000, this would potentially make the third pick female $7,000; the first pick male $8,000; second pick male $5,000; and third pick male $5,000.  If your budget is $5,000, then you would pick from second or third pick male, which means you did not get third pick even though you picked your puppy third. In this example you can see how being higher on the waiting list guarantees you get more options to pick from, even if you are not picking third pick. 

Once we contact you, that is your chance to review and/or request pictures/videos, speak to Lenny (the Kennel owner), and get any questions answered that you may have.  If you decide you do indeed want a puppy from those available at the time, your $1,000 waiting list fee will be applied toward the puppy's final remaining balance (not deposit).

**It is your responsibility to make sure you know the transfer limits for your method of payment/financial institution.  We will not hold a puppy for you without a full deposit just because you didn't know your Zelle or Cashapp limit was $500 for the week.**

If you ultimately chose not to place a deposit on a puppy in your allotted 24 hours, you will then lose your spot on the waiting list.  If you wish to be considered again in the future, you must submit another form and waiting list deposit.  Waiting list fees will not be reapplied to a new request if you chose not to purchase a puppy.  The $1,000 waiting list fee is meant to cover the 24 hour period of VBF's time they give you once your turn on the list comes up.  Please understand my time is valuable.

It is your responsibility to know our terms and conditions of buying/owning a pup from VBF.  If you have not read the draft of the puppy contract, please do so before getting on the waiting list. 

If you have any questions about the waiting list, please email vbfkennel@gmail.com prior to requesting to be on the list. 

Your submission will not be considered without payment within 24 hours. 

PLease be aware that Angry Bird Pups start at $10,000.00

VBF puppy waiting list sign-up form



VBF puppy waiting list

Marble Surface


Name: Cassandra

Puppy Preference: Any

Sex: F

Marble Surface


Name: Andrew D. 

Puppy Preference: Angry Bird

Sex: Either